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We serve as advocates for the soul of the family in transforming family enterprises and local communities.

We provide our clients with services that connect the desires, needs, and goals of the individual, family, ownership, and business.


Our goal is to create conditions for individual family members to identify their special gifts to better realize the potential and value they bring to the family business system.


The family is the centerpiece for building a more stable and unified society. Family-owned businesses are the primary economic engine in the world’s economy. To build a great business, you must first build a great family. We work with families to bring forth their vision and values to design the necessary process for growing and perpetuating the dream and the legacy.


Planning for responsible ownership is essential to the success of the family enterprise. The primary responsibility of ownership is to design the process for creating a shared vision, commit to a shared set of principles, and successfully learn how to make decisions as a team.


We support clients in building more sustainable businesses that create long-term value for the family, employees, and communities they serve. To that end, the family business is strongest when team members feel empowered and supported, conflict is positively embraced, there are clear roles and expectations for team members and stakeholders, and transitions are well-thought out.
  • Individual
  • Assessments
  • Communication Enhancement
  • Individual Coaching & Development
  • Career Path Development
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  • Family
  • Family Member Interview
  • Family Meetings
  • Vision and Values
  • Family Wealth Strategies
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  • Ownership
  • Leadership Development
  • Next Generation Education
  • Ownership Charter
  • Board of Directors Development
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  • Business
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning
  • Client/Employee Surveys
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
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To Learn More, Get In Touch Today.

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