CAFÉ (The Center for the Advancement of Family Enterprise) by Legasus Group is a learning community devoted to the advancement of family enterprise in North America. Members of the CAFÉ learning community will be engaged in an active, challenging, structured and rewarding learning environment.

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The Family-Owned Business

Family-owned businesses have special and complex environments — emotional highs and lows are common and valuable. Legasus Group understands the opportunities and challenges created by this constant change. Change reflects movement. Movement creates friction. Friction produces energy. Energy sparks creativity. Creative thought and action can be directed to do good, or do harm. It’s a choice. Legasus Group serves family systems in making better choices.

How Can We Serve?

In the family-owned business, when there is commitment and concern for others and a never-give-up attitude exists, significant progress can be made. It is not an easy road. It requires a willingness to embrace the struggle and the work necessary to succeed. Legasus Group family business advisors are teachers, facilitators, mentors and coaches. We integrate the relational and managerial sciences within a living systems model to better utilize the potential fits and talents of all stakeholders.
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Family. Ownership. Business.

In the dynamic, complex and generative living system that is the family-business, each member exerts a positive or negative influence. And each is positively or negatively influenced by the system — and not always conscious of either impact. Legasus Group services strike at the heart of human emotion and relational dynamics. We open up the issues that allow for survival, sustainability and growth of a family-owned business.
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Meet The Team

Clemens H. Ast

Clemens H. Ast

Clemens H. Ast is founder and CEO of Legasus Group LC.  He was born and raised in a family business...
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John Simmering

John Simmering

John Simmering joined Legasus Group in June 2005 and is a senior partner.
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