Helping a family business achieve lasting success requires an evaluation of an individual’s unique strengths and attributes. We work through this process with a thorough evaluation of the individual family members and selective non-family member employees. Information is gathered through the use of various assessment tools with the goal of defining the status of our human assets in order to determine the best next steps for continued learning and growth.

Communication Enhancement
Improved communication increases understanding and commitment in relationships, especially within the family and the workplace. Using innovative and time-prove methodologies, we provide businesses with the processes and tools that enhance communication skills and educate our clients how to communicate more effectively, build stronger relationships, and implement better ways for effective decision-making.

Individual Coaching & Development
Our experience has shown that developing more fulfilled family members and non-family business leaders is one of the most important goals of human organizations today. Our career and leadership coaching provides a confidential sounding board to serve individuals by defining and prioritizing issues by refining and strengthening their leadership capabilities. We support and encourage our clients to bring forth their goodness and talents by taking responsibility for their own growth and development.

Career Path Development
Designing a career path for future generations can turn succession from a potentially explosive crisis into a renewed excitement and commitment for the families in business. We are here to help families work through the challenges of successfully transitioning the family enterprise to future generations by supporting clear career path development for individuals. Contributing to the success of the family enterprise does not require a family member to work in the business. Outside experiences and sharing new perspectives can add significant value to the family enterprise.