Strategic Thinking & Planning
Legasus Group provides services to help family enterprises create a future strategic vision that defines the direction and destiny of the enterprise. With a clear and well-communicated strategic vision, traditional strategic and operational planning is greatly enhanced. Our strategic thinking process is designed to include family, shareholders, business leaders, and employees in a participatory process to achieve a shared vision for the enterprise.

Client/Employee Surveys
We offer formal and informal employee surveys that are custom-designed for each business to enhance the development and achievement of the shared vision and plans for the enterprise. These results are used to educate and inform the business leaders so that better decisions can be made to improve performance and take advantage of new opportunities.

Team Building
Collective wisdom and collaborative teams are essential to success. Legasus Group uses a strengths-based approach to selecting, building, and developing a results-oriented team. Strategically oriented experiences and exercises for fostering communication, boosting morale, building trust, and generating greater understanding and functioning among team members creates a culture to serve and make a meaningful difference for the family enterprises we serve.

Conflict Resolution
Conflict naturally occurs when two or more people come together to achieve goals and resolve issues. Conflict generates the energy for devising creative solutions to difficult and challenging issues. We facilitate communication and development exercises in a safe environment to help stakeholders successfully move forward while capturing the ideas and thoughts that are the fruits of spirited conversations.