About Us

Who We Are

Our Distinction

Our deep understanding of family dynamics and sound business practices allows us to effectively work with, support, and advocate for the family-owned enterprise.

Who We Are

We serve the families in business by assisting them as they move through transitions, crisis, and change, and laying the foundation for strong and successful businesses.

About Our Team

Our team of family business advisors are teachers, facilitators, mentors, and coaches who are passionate about serving individuals, families, and business leaders.


How We Are Different

We employ a living systems approach.
A family enterprise, like all organisms, is a living system. Our living systems approach explores the relationships of family within the environment of the family business, encouraging open discussion of the issues that impact sustainability and their ability to flourish. We strive to help clients become the best they can be, so they can draw out the best in others, build more sustainable businesses, and create long-term value for their families, businesses, and communities.
We work as a team.
Through an open exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas, our diverse and multi-generational team is able to create a comprehensive and effective process for assisting our clients in achieving their purpose and goals.
We champion the multi-generational family unit.
We understand the importance of building value for future generations and a sustainable family legacy. We staff our team with multi-generational advisors to ensure generational differences are properly addressed by supporting our clients in their development of a shared identity and purpose.
We understand complex family dynamics and sound business practices.
Family-owned businesses are complex environments that each member is able to influence both positively and negatively. We help our clients create structures and processes that help them work through issues while protecting the integrity of the family business.
We are family business advisors, not family “fixers”.
We do not tell our clients how to run their businesses. We assist families in defining their shared vision, values, and goals by creating a space and a process to insure the lines of communication stay open and progress is made. We encourage a culture of compassion and empathy.
We encourage being the best version of ourselves.
To ensure our clients get the best from us, we put all our advisors through an intensive screening process prior to employment and on-going learning and development after employment. We believe this work is a calling and look for others who are passionate about serving family-owned business and are in alignment with Legasus Group’s core values.