Center for the Advancement of Family Enterprise
  • Learning Principles

    Learning is an interactive experience.

  • Learning Principles

    Each learner is a teacher; each teacher is a learner.

  • Learning Principles

    Each learner sets their own learning objectives.

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Welcome to CAFÉ

Join us for a special and engaging learning experience to foster the skills, understanding, and confidence needed to sustain and grow as a person in the family enterprise. CAFÉ was developed to assist those either working in or serving family enterprises. Developed by Legasus Group and based on over 80 years of combined professional experience serving hundreds of family enterprises, the CAFÉ program uses a series of interactive presentations and workshops specifically designed to address the complexities inherent at every level of the family enterprise. In a confidential peer-to-peer environment, participants will have the opportunity to develop a network, immerse in research around Family Systems and apply learning in real time.

Welcome to CAFÉ, we look forward to learning with you!  

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What You Can Expect

  • Learn from the experiences and insights of other family and non-family participants who work for or are a family member in a family owned business.
  • Gain an increased awareness of the power of family within a business.
  • Discover ways to nurture family and non-family relationships to strengthen the family business.
  • Build and strengthen your leadership capabilities.
  • Learn how to create conditions necessary for achieving successful transitions.
  • Recognize the positive potential of well-navigated conflicts and differences.
  • Learn how to best utilize your advisory team and your board of directors.

Our Learning Principles

  • Learning is an interactive experience.
  • Integration of new knowledge, ideas, and information happens best in small doses over time.
  • Each learner sets their own learning objectives.
  • CAFÉ hosts are responsible for providing a challenging and rewarding learning environment.
  • CAFÉ hosts attempt to meet the needs of different learning styles.
  • Each learner is a teacher; each teacher is a learner.
  • Education means to “lead out”. CAFÉ hosts desire to “lead out” the gifts of each learner as they seek to grow and develop their role in the family business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What times are the sessions?
Orientation and Focus Group Retreats are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm CT and subsequent online sessions for CAFÉ Core are from 8:30 am to 10:30 am CT.
Where is the orientation held?
Orientation and Focus Group Retreats will be held in Wichita, KS.
Will meals be provided during the orientation?
The CAFÉ will provide a light breakfast and lunch on Orientation and for Focus Group Retreats.
Where do I stay?
There are a couple of hotels in Old Town and surrounding area including downtown Wichita. Here is a link:
What is the nearest airport?
Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport is the only airport in Wichita. We recommend taking a shuttle, Uber, or taxi to your hotel and then walking or taking an Uber or taxi while you are here.
What if I sign up but cannot make it?
You can get a full refund up to a week before the event begins. No refunds will be given after.